With winds ranging from 2 to 7 on the Beaufort scale during a typical summer day, our location is an ideal playground for windsurfers at any skill level.
Pick one of our many jet bikes and taste the fun!
A great way to see Kos Island from the water!
Treat yourself to the thrill of wake skiing. Our professional trainers will assist you to discover or enhance your abilities.
Share the fun with your friends and family.
A real flight experience! Hang high up there, over the absolute blue; feel the wind and enjoy the panoramic view.

Sailing Boat

Sailing Boat

THE summer party experience!

Organized periodically, on an ad hoc basis with diverse itineraries, throughout the season.

Join the club. Bring your mates or meet new people on board; the more, the merrier!

All inclusive packages: Sea trip to remote beaches, sea sports, beach games, music, bbq and booze (all you can eat - all you can drink). Options expected to be exercised certainly include swimming, screaming, singing, dancing and? socializing. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Required gear: Bring a sweater along; if the spirits are high, we may return after midnight!

V.I.P. arrangements (including Regal 2000 speedboat and Bertram 42' M/Y exclusive rentals) also available upon request.